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Most service's listed may be eligible to be claimed through NDIS funding for young people with disability:

  • Functional Behaviour Assessment including observations of child/youth in school and/or home settings.
  • Individual Positive Behaviour Support Plans for school and/or home.
  • Coaching for parents/staff in individualised behaviour management strategies.
  • Working directly with young people and their families to teach and reinforce appropriate behaviour.
  • Analysis of specialists’ reports (Paediatricians, Speech Language Pathologists, Psychologists, Cognitive tests, Occupational Therapists) and provide practical brief of how to apply recommendations in home and school settings.
  • Individual Educational Support Plans for educators to prioritise learning for students.
  • Consultant services to parents and educators to implement and review plans/reports.
  • Attend child stakeholder meetings at school as per parent request to provide advocacy and support.
  • Deliver professional, targeted Professional Development to staff/parent groups.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Schools can be distressing places for young people with Autism due to academic, social and sensory demands.  As they stuggle to cope they may learn behaviours which can be extremely distressing for families and staff. Students with Autism may also struggle with academic achievement when they are unable to demonstrate what they know.  

Parents and schools need to make reasonable adjustments to support the learning and behavioural needs of children with Autism.

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Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

When young people struggle to learn at school, there is often an underlying reason.  Understanding what this reason is and how it impacts on the child's ability to learn and achieve informs Educational Support Plans with reasonable adjustments that are tailored to meet the needs of the child. 

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Individual Behaviour Support for Home and School

A Functional Behaviour Assessment and an individualised Positive Behaviour Support Plan is the most effective and lasting way to change challenging behaviour and re-teach positive behaviours to an individual.

An effective Positive Behaviour Support Plan changes individuals' and families' lives for the better, letting families feel in control and ensuring the best outcomes and happiness for the individual with a disability.

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