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Alice Sharp provides customised training for parents and educators to equip them with the skills to deliver effective programs for children/youth with learning difficulties, disabilties or behaviour problems to achieve success. Her workshops:

  • Address all relevant legislation - DDA 1992 & Disability Standards for Education 2005, Restrictive Practices
  • Are practical and informative
  • Are customised to target your teams' specific requirements
  • Will build upon your teams' current understanding and skills
  • Include handouts
  • Include a certificate of participation

Topics for Workshops can include:

  • Introduction to learning difficulties/disabilities - implications and strategies for home and school.
  • Managing difficult behaviour at home.
  • Children and Young People with Autism in the classroom - strategies for educators.
  • The impact that specific learning difficulties/disabilities have on children in the classroom and strategies for success.
  • Children and Young People with Dyslexia in the classroom - strategies for educators.
  • Functional Behaviour Assessment and how to implement Positive Behaviour Support.
  • Behaviour management for individuals within a whole class management plan.
  • Legislative requirements of educational institutions in regards to providing a service to students with disability.

To book a workshop, contact Alice:

Mobile: 0433 913 506


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